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An experienced multi-therapeutic clinical research center that focuses on various disease indications and therapies.


Access to transparent and ethical clinical trial experience.

Phase I-IV Trials

Impact the future of medicine by enrolling in a clinical trial.
We develop high-quality clinical research experience while creating a sincere and lasting relationship with participants. Clinical trials are a crucial part of medicine and device development. Therefore, we thoroughly review each clinical trial opportunity before enrolling participants.
With over 20-years of professional experience, our team is making an impact in shaping the future of clinical research. Our strong partnerships in the clinical research industry allow us to care for patients through the development of approximately 250 clinical trials.
We deliver quality results to Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Medical Device companies while developing lasting relationships with participants.

Our Team

Nicole Morris

Executive & Founder

Lauraine Crandall

Executive & Founder

Dr. Diego Torres

Principle Investigator & Medical Director

Cristyl McClure

Sub Investigator & APRN

Andrea Easterling

Study Coordinator

Taylor Saul

Study Coordinator

Kimberly Brandt

Study Coordinator


Lauraine, Nicole, and the entire staff of Ormond Beach Clinical Research were so professional and did a tremendous job of making me feel at ease and comfortable during every aspect of the trial. They informed me of every step of the process and immediately answered my questions. They are the best!
 Tammy D.
Fun experience. The techs, nurses, and office staff are professional, friendly, and caring. They were available for any questions, even on weekends. The office is easy to find and very clean. Office visits are quick. They offered gentle care and treated me with kid gloves, like family. If another study fits my profile I will return. In a word, compassionate.

Cynthia S.

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We care for your health and provide you with an authentic trial experience that will impact you and your community.

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Monday to Friday – 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Phase I hours vary by study